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The Dawn Is Quite A Sight

I couldn’t sleep this morning
So I rose up in the dark
Put on my shoes, a hoodie too
My dog, she did not bark
The birds are already at work
The sun has not clocked in
My, my, the sound of silence
In the city that I live
I hit the road for fresher milk
My coffee needed help
The roads are oh so empty
And a different feel was felt
The only souls that share this time
Are ones I seldom meet
The night shift crews, the veterans
The church folk dressed up neat
The dog walkers, bicyclists
Delivery drivers too
Have one great thing in common now
They’ll wave or nod to you
Smiles and real good morning words
That I forgot I love
The sun’s up now, we make it move
The early morning club
I head back home with milk in hand
My pets are tired, don’t fight
My wife’s a sleeping beauty
The dawn is quite a site

George Drinks a Little, pt. 2

He’s back in Kansas City
From some Texas work he’d done
Three weeks hopping train cars
No arrests. He has no home

“Ya’ know, I drink a little.”
I say, “Good to have you back.
I smell your beer for breakfast, George,
But I’m not judging that.”

“Where’d you work in Texas?”
He says, “Anywhere I could.
Way down south, near San Antone,
Yep, that’s where I’m from.”

He remembers my big garden
Says “It’s good to see you, boy.”
I shake his hand, it’s tree-bark-tough
His eyes are yellow wood

He owns good gloves and decent boots
But needs some socks and food
A blanket or a sleeping bag
A coat, a buck or two

“George, you know I’ve got your back
But tell me what’s your plan?”
“The Lord, he will deliver
And this weather ain’t so bad.”

“I think I’ll buy a couch or bed.
My social security check
Is 720 every four weeks
Which really ain’t enough.”

He takes me to his camp, it’s dark
A cart, a tarp, some clothes
“No one can tell me to leave here.
This spot is family owned.”

I walk away, another day,
Cold nights, depressing thoughts
A welcomed smile, a bid goodbye
Some liquor will be bought

The Youth Vote

Where’s this youth vote I’ve heard of
Stand tall and find your voice
Be sick and tired of watered fires
And wigs forcing your choice
The voters may be sleeping
But the advocates grow strong
Here to exercise their right
To fight for what’s not wrong
The hill approached seems skyward bound
Goes up and far, too fast
The changer questions their resolve
Siting results of past
Judiciary policies
Vetoes and shaving scruff
Bills that freeze, subcommittees
Enough’s enough’s enough
Into the booth the changer goes
To cast out all the old
They may lose but will not stop
To change this place by vote
Seems to me that change must wait
For the old in power to die
We will win, for change is young
And young has time to try

Tropical Orchid

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You asked for a poem
So I wrote one for you
I haven’t written much lately
Just haven’t felt the need
It’s just, since I met you
I’ve been happy indeed
The cliché, I saw you
I knew what we’d have
The kind that’s all mushy
And drives people mad
Your new middle names
The way you embrace me
You’ve got jokes for days
I love you, Miss Lacy
Back to this rhyming
It’s Valentines day
Oops, no reservations
Grilled cheese, spaghettay?
I did get you chocolates
They’re still wrapped in plastic
Yes, my self-control
Is simply fantastic
I picked up a card
Glitter, hearts, and such
Not bad front to back
If you like cheesy stuff
One more quick thing
And then I will quit
I got you a flower
Needs watered and shit
(Tropical Orchid:Phalaenopsis – Keep in bright light and average room temperature / Water freely during active growth / mist frequently / repot every two years for best results / prevent, if possible, all interaction between orchid and boyfriend’s dog and cat)
Well, there you have it
You asked for a poem
Now look for my lips
And show me you know them

Just Wars

Bang! Bang! My name, America
My children fight my war
I’m right, you’re wrong, I’m right
No matter what we’re fighting for

Bang! Bang! My name, America
I’m bringing fire to you
I’ll win, you’ll lose, I’ll win
No matter what you try to do

Bang! Bang! My name, America
You stand no chance to live
I’ll fly, you’ll cry, now die
Because you have no place in this

Bang! Bang! My name, America
My desire has no fault
You’ll give, I’ll take, you’ll give
And I will pierce your ailing heart

Bang! Bang! My name, America
What I want is more
My golden suit gets heavy as
My children fight my war

Please have a seat and wait for your number to be called.

Waiting at the Department of Motor Vehicles…

Sick of it
Had enough
How long does it take
To scream and break stuff

One hour waits
Two times ripped off
Three months in the hole
Four more black tires bought
Five years on the job
A war for six reasons
A seven-year itch
Eight not so warm seasons

Take deep breaths
Count your blessings
Be good at it
For now, you’re breathing

…Oh, for fuck’s sake. I just need a new sticker for my license plate. Give me the sticker.

Wear a Dress

“The next time that I see you
You had better wear a dress
So I can get to all your skin
In five seconds or less”

I hope she shows up ready
For my sweaty intentions
I’ll start wherever I want to
And work her every inch

I hope she smells of woman
And tastes like a hot mess
I know she’ll call out my name
And I hope she wears a dress

She says, “That’s hot. Super hot.”
She’ll be here for sure
I hope its soon because we’re fire
And then she says, “Yes sir.”

This Side of Heaven

An F5 struck where my mother grew up
I fear one day one may find my family
So I say out loud, “I will do my part.
Now, who is coming with me?”
Six hours South, silenced Natives’ grounds
See what red-dirt destruction is
Ending the notion that we’ve got it bad
As we dam all of out current tears

Most gasp at trouble, some pray once or double
But action speaks beams and grace
If everyone just gave a day or a dollar
Imagine the glow of this place
I speak of survivors that we will encounter
Sharing hours but all time will stop
The look in their eye when we clear their pile
Is truly human and partly divine

Flattened are miles, entire lifestyles
We find the headquarters spot
“Our Earth is bleeding, your name is Surgeon.
Far and near have you come to help out.”
As team thirteen we drive to the heap
What will become known as zone four
Convoy, walkie-talkies, simply just asking
We’re young, we’ll do anything and more

Most wave and say that they’ll be okay
Till a plea came from Donna’s neighbor
We clear the vents in search of her pets
And the family baby pictures
We work straight faced, feet on her place
Clear her life down to it’s foundation
We’re thanked by overwhelmed brown eyes
And we move on to the next one

“Thanks” through sunglasses, says Steve, tattooed
“Bless your crew, their hearts, and souls.
Thank you for your time and travel
Your ears, and the Chuck Norris joke.”
I went back to it, my friends shovel through it
Then suddenly doubt taps my shoulder
Far too near to here is where children were killed
And Devotion was lost of another’s

I’m near losing purpose as I turn 360
My day’s barely made a difference
Then brightness, the light switch, is handed to me
As this demon-hold mocks my efforts
A sign, uncovered, glows on dirty paper
From the rubble comes fifteen words
Filling my strength with a driving love
The familiar last Beatles’ verse

I want to declare, “God, John, and George are here!
Here is proof in my wet gloves!”
But heavy are hearts where trees have no bark
And your neighbors have lost their loved ones
We dig for grins until optimistm wins
Our atoms are somber and sore
This giving is getting and helping is having
Karma, fate, test, purpose, more

Can one ink checklists with these processes
Example, us offered to others
Time to examine some points of views
There’s no place like Kansas or my covers
I thank those who fed, housed hopes, gave beds
“You’ve awakened some spiritual comas
Thank you for your mood and wing
And God bless Oklahoma.”

I wonder the meaning of our day of helping
I wonder this deeply and thank them
The answer I’m given, “This side of heaven,
You’ll never know what it meant.”
Those words I caught were given some thought
I’d never heard the expression
Simplifying my search, in oh so few words
A difference made this side of heaven

Whether Joplin, Moore, or the town you adore
Us strangers, we’re neighbors, and are one
Disaster relief is a sad specialty
But tornados are no match for my love
If anything I’ve learned while here on this world
You’ll be charged once you begin giving
Help everyone, everytime
Love saves the day this side of heaven

Dinner For Two

I’ve been fighting shadows
I’ve been called lost too
That life of old has been outgrown
So now I look for you

For you I’ll swim a river
For you I’ll change my ways
For you can force a shiver
And spark my soulshine days

I’ll go to war with pirate types
Ease battles out and inside
While firing fun, and joy and smiles
And cushioning your ride

I’ll find a way to part the sea
Or dig a whole right to you
I’ll strap on wings and fly for free
Bend time for dinner for two

We will know with no known words
We’ll click and we will keep it
Find and mean those lost three words
And burn bright till the moonset

Take my hand, I’ll take you there
Off to forever where we’ll stay
I’ve 20,000 more days to share
Who are you, when is our day

Till then I’ll fight to keep from fading
I’ll believe and I’ll be ready
My princess, my rock and faithful bird
My love, my one, my Wendy

How Do You Want To Die?

People say the sleep of old age is the way to go
What’s that all about?
Personally, I’d rather be harvesting
Having sex, or playing golf

Wouldn’t it be great if you died laughing
Or dotting your masterpiece
Dancing to your favorite song
Or eating mom’s spaghetti

Maybe you caught the big fish
Or a lilac caught your nose
You finally climbed the mountain
Or placed first at the big show

I hope I go helping someone
Or by a tribulation horn
Bonked by a confessional’s exit sign
Or by the final asteroid.

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